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These pages describe a form of post-capitalist society and explore the extent to which it can be achieved since the dawn of the contemporary era near the start of the third millennium AD. We will (humbly) refer to this society as the Millennial Utopia (MU), and its government as the Millennial Utopian Government (MUG).

Core Principles

The MU’s core philosophy is set down in the Millennial Social Code, which defines a set of rights that we believe belong equally to every person. We also think that it is possible to guarantee those equal rights to everyone in any high-tech human society; A Millennial Utopia is an essay illustrating our vision of such a society, if one already existed on Earth in 2021. Actually getting there without violence or coercion will be (you guessed it) a long process, possibly taking more than one generation, but we believe that’s possible too! Check out Transitioning From Capitalism for an overview of what it would look like.

Is it possible?

We’re pretty sure, but we’re working on gathering enough data to prove that before becoming official!

Our fundamental (as yet unproven) assertion is this: in a high-tech society, there is enough industry and automation that not everyone needs to work on basic goods and services to keep everyone housed, fed, healthy, and–last but certainly not least–otherwise free to go about their lives without having to worry about losing any of those benefits.

For more information about how we intend to prove this assertion, check out Proving MU Viability.

Outside of basic goods and services guaranteed by any government which upholds the Millennial Social Code, any other social development (science, ice cream parlors, art exhibits, roller coaster parks…) can still be provided by an open market without requiring the capitalist system of investment bankers and shareholder dividends. That system has enabled horrific acts of exploitation, corruption, and abuse throughout human history, and continues to do so throughout contemporary human civilization as well. You can find much more information about how that happens, and how a hypothetical Millennial Utopia can protect itself from such abuses, in the essay Equitable Management and Distribution of Shared Resources.


The Millennial Social Code
Rights which should belong to every person in any high-technology society.
The Millennial Utopian Constitution
This is the template for our own internal governance, as well as being a model for any modern representative democracy, from PTA meetings to nation-states.
Proving MU Viability
Descriptions of important data and parameters that we can use to gauge whether or not the MU would work in a given society, and how to calculate them from existing data
A Millennial Utopia
Our "ideal" vision of a society which guarantees the MSC, if one was to suddenly appear on Earth in 2021.
Selected Utopian Social Principles
A smattering of smaller essays and blurbs relevant to our vision of a just society and how such a society is governed.
Transitioning From Capitalism
A sketch of the transition process from a contemporary consumer-capitalist society to one closer to the MU ideal.
Management and Distribution of Shared Resources
A deeper look at how this problem is solved in a capitalist society, and how we intend to do it better
Utopian Capital, LLC
The Corporation to End Capitalism: our first step on the transition process
Implementation Ideas
Little widgets and knick knacks that would help make MU transition seamless, but aren't really worth mentioning anywhere else
Marketing Ideas
Ideas for branding, infographics, ...