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My name is Will J, and this is my site!

The projects below are basically a collection of essays I wrote just for the sake of solidifying some thoughts into words.

Feel free to email me at willj (at this site) if you have any questions or comments!

A bit about me: I’m from Seattle, and I have a husband, two birds, and a master’s in physics. Currently I work as a software engineer for money, and in my spare time I read, play factory games for which I always do all the math, subscribe to a bunch of streaming platforms, and sometimes have an idea that feels worth writing down.


A collection of pages describing a form of post-capitalist society, and exploring the extent to which it could be achieved sometime in the Third Millennium.
A collection of pages amounting to a smallish book which hopes to provide intuitive motivation for functional programming concepts which might otherwise mystify interested learners. This is done in terms of a "pseudo-ML" toy language which is definitely not Haskell.
A thirty-thousand-parsec view of the machinery that runs the universe